Our Story
Who are we?

Feel At Home LTD (Accommodation services in Ireland) was established by the businessman Mr Pradeep Chandran in 2017 who is of Indian origin holding an Irish residency. Over the past few years, the company has provided over 100 houses/ apartments to Indian students and International nurses in and around Dublin and across Ireland. From providing contract to assisting in essential amenities shopping such as utensils and other household furniture, leap card, Irish sim card to name a few, the company provides all kind of required services to its tenants. Mr Pradeep takes utmost care of all his tenants’ groups by staying in constant touch through WhatsApp groups. Besides, he himself arranges pick-up & drop service. The company also provides miscellaneous and auxiliary services to its tenant.

Mr Pradeep Chandran is established in Ireland for the past 23 years with previous business owner experience in various industries such as Tourism company, Restaurant and Rental Car Provider to name a few. His enormous customer service expertise makes the lives of the international tenants in Ireland much easier and more seamless.


How did we begin?
Feel At Home Ltd came into existence after seeing Students/Nurses/Other professionals, who arrive in Ireland, find it hard to get advice on what to do, where to live, and is in a constant struggle to find their feet in their first few months of stay.

With over more than 23 years of experience in Ireland, we can help and guide our tenants through the initial process of settling down in Ireland with comfort.

Be it relocation services, accommodation, food, providing sim cards & leap cards, advising on where to buy what from at affordable rates and providing auxiliary services including helping you cope up with mental health, we do it all.

We, Feel At Home, guarantee you to build up a strong base in Ireland in the initial months, which will make you fully confident to chase your dreams here in Ireland.

For inquiries, contact us today!
Ph. No: +353871390007 or +353894746453
Email: pradeep@feelathome.ie

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