If you have chosen Ireland as the destination to pursue your higher studies or as your next travel destination, then the next thing you should know is the weather of Ireland. Here in this blog you can know in detail the climate of Ireland which indeed helps you to pack your bags accordingly.

Ireland has a temperature climate which is not too hot or too cold and like everywhere else there are four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter. At times, the weather is very unpredictable and you may get all the four in one day! And it is also known to rain from time to time. So, when going out, be prepared. The climate of Ireland can be summed up as a mild one with not having temperature extremes. This mild climate makes Ireland the best place to visit.

Spring, from March to May offers a very cool or cold climate, the average temperature being 8 – 12°C (46 – 53°F). The temperature becomes mild by the second half of May but it might be still cold in the night. This season is the most pleasant and the sunniest season of the year. Carrying clothes which have long sleeves and that are waterproof will be a good choice.

From June to August it is the summer season. The average day time temperature in summer is 18°C (64°F). Though you might get slight drizzles during this season, this is Ireland’s driest season. Always carry sunscreen, sunglasses and raincoat in summer because you never know when rain might fall.

Autumn, from September to November is a bit cloudy, windy and moody. The average temperature ranges between 14-18 °C (57 – 64°F). You can expect a bit more frequent rainfall than in summer season. Carry waterproof jackets and wear long sleeves.

From December to February you can expect an average temperature between 4-6 °C (39 – 42°F). Extreme winters are very rare but occasionally; the temperature drops below freezing but snow is rare. Rains are frequent making it feel colder than it is and you can expect windstorms. Always wear a warm waterproof winter coat to stay warm.