The education system in Ireland is of high quality and is well known for the high standards it maintains. The Irish education system is primarily divided into three levels; primary, secondary and higher education.  Ireland promotes compulsory education for children from the age of 6 to 16 or until students have completed three years of second level education. There is also one year of preschool where a year of early education and care is given to children of pre-school age. Also, the state funds the education at all levels unless you decide to provide your child private education by sending them to a private institution.

Primary Education/First – Level Education

The Primary Education begins from the age of 6 but most of the children begin their school from the age of 4 by enrolling to the infant classes in the primary schools. The Primary Education covers Language – Irish and English, Mathematics, Social, Environment and Scientific Education, Arts Education, including Visual Arts, Music and Drama, Physical Education, Social, Personal and Health Education.

Second – Level Education

The Second –level education or post primary education comprises of secondary, vocational, community and comprehensive schools.  Secondary schools are privately owned and managed. Vocational schools are state-established and administered by Education and Training Boards (ETBs), while community and comprehensive schools are managed by Boards of Management of differing compositions.

The post-primary education consists of a three year Junior Cycle followed by a two or three year Senior Cycle depending on whether the optional Transition Year is taken. This year allows the students to experience a wide range of educational inputs, have a work experience which indeed helps them to choose their career according to their area of interest. The transition year is followed by the Junior Certificate examination.

Third – Level Education

The Third – Level Education in Ireland consists of Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) which include universities, institutes of technology, and colleges of education.

Ireland, being recognized for its standards in higher education has emerged as one of the latest destinations for education. When it comes to selecting institutes in Ireland for third-level education, there are many options to choose from. All the universities in Ireland provide the best in terms of teaching, international outlook, research and knowledge transfer.

There are 8 public universities in Ireland which offers diploma, degree and post graduation courses. In addition to these 8 universities, there are 11 distinct institutes of technology in Ireland.

Many are choosing Ireland for their higher studies because

  • Ireland provides a safe and friendly environment.
  • It’s an English speaking country so it is much easy to adjust here.
  • It offers a wide variety of courses and study options to choose from.
  • The quality of education system in Ireland is impressive providing more opportunities and growth to the students there.

The best part is that you are allowed to work part-time while you study by which you can earn around 8 Euros per hour.

Choose the university which is best for your career and that best meets your future needs.