When we live in a country, knowing its culture and traditions is a must. Trying to understand and acknowledge the culture, history and traditions it possesses is a compelling way to connect with the people around and the country’s current cultural identity.

Ireland, with Dublin as its capital city has around 4.8 million population (est. 2019). English is the most commonly spoken language in Ireland. Irish (Gaelic or Irish Gaelic), the first official language of the Republic of Ireland is now spoken by only a small minority of the Irish population.

When it comes to the Irish society and culture, most people in the country are Roman Catholic. The Irish people always cherish the bonds they have with their family and always maintain strong ties even if they move to other cities. The culture in Ireland is very similar to the culture in Western countries in terms of music and literature.

The Irish republic is a parliamentary democracy. The constitution came into effect in 1937. The country’s head is president which is elected by the public for a term of 7 years.

The flag of Republic of Ireland is made up of tricolor, saffron, white and green in three equal rectangular shapes. The green color represents the native people of Ireland who are mostly Roman Catholic. The saffron color represents the Protestants who support William of Orange and the white color in the middle represents the peace between the two groups of people. The national anthem of the Republic of Ireland is the Soldier’s Song or Amhrán na bhFiann. The national emblem of Ireland is shamrock harp and it appears in Irish Euro coins.

The Irish people tend to have a warm and friendly disposition and are generally witty in nature. Modesty, humour, patriotism and warmth are the characteristics of the Irish. They generally hold the traditions and culture close to their heart and still follows all the traditions their previous generations passed on to them. Ireland is indeed an attractive destination with rich culture and heritage, best tourism and one of the great destinations for higher studies.